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Create a new tag

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Create a new tag

To help group and organize records, you can create tags and add them to specific records.

About this task

For example, you could create a tag called High Priority ABC and assign it to critical incidents submitted by an important customer. Tags can be defined with an icon and color for easy identification, and tags that you create can be viewed by other users in your organization. With a single tap, you or another user can then locate all critical incidents logged by ABC Corporation. You can add as many tags as needed to any record.


  1. On the home page, tap the Tag section heading. You can also tap My Tags in the application navigator.
    Any previously defined tags are displayed. The image shows the number 1 in the High Priority tag, indicating that one record has been assigned this tag.
    Tag list
  2. Tap the Create or search tags field and enter the new name. As you type, the new tag appears below the field.
    New tag
  3. Tap Done.
  4. Select a color and icon for the new tag and tap Save.
    Select a color and icon