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Assign a tag to a record

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Assign a tag to a record

To help group and organize records, you can create tags and add them to specific records.

About this task

You can add as many tags as needed to any record.


  1. Navigate to a record that you want to assign a tag to, such as an incident record.
    Open a record
  2. Tap the More icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen and select Tags.
  3. In the Tags screen, tap the tag you want to assign to this record.
    A check mark appears on the selected tag.
    Selected tags
  4. If needed, you can click the tag again to deselect it. You can also select multiple tags for the record.
  5. Navigate away from the screen. Your tag selections are automatically saved.
    Note: You may see green and red numbers on tags, as shown below. A green number indicates the number of records associated with that tag. A red number indicates the number of records associated with that tag that you have not viewed (that is, they were created or updated by other users).
    Tag with number indicators