Access an instance from the mobile app

You can access an instance using the mobile app for supported Apple devices.

Before you begin

To use the Android mobile app, you must be on an instance using Geneva patch 6 or higher.


  1. Download the ServiceNow application from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play store.
  2. Open the app by tapping the icon on the home page.
    The launch screen opens.
    App launch screen
  3. In the Instance Name field, enter the name of your instance.
    You don't need to include at the end of the instance name.
  4. Tap Go.
    The login screen appears.

    App login screen

  5. Use your regular ServiceNow login to sign in to the app.

    After you log in, the app remembers your information. As long as you don't log out, the app opens the last screen you used when you open it again.

    If you do log out, the app remembers your instance. You can select the instance from the History list to log back in.