Features with limited tablet interface support

Some capabilities are limited in the tablet interface.

  • Editing lists: You cannot edit field values in a record from the list view. Access the record form to modify any field values.
  • Dependency Views map, schema map, graphical workflow editor, Gantt chart, and visual dispatch tool: Graphics-based tools can be viewed but not modified from the tablet interface. The data presented by these tools is read-only when accessed through the tablet interface.
  • Calendars: You can access calendar reports but you might not be able to scroll around the calendar as you would on the desktop interface.
  • Impersonating other users: Administrators must log out and log back in as another user to see that user's access rights and views. You cannot impersonate another user while staying logged in with your normal credentials as you can on the desktop interface.
  • Homepage bookmarks: UI11 bookmarks are not supported in the tablet UI. You can use favorites to mark modules in the application navigator for quick access when using the tablet UI. Note that favorites on the tablet and bookmarks on the desktop are separate features and do not synchronize with each other.
  • Video and image attachment upload: iOS 6 and Android allow you to attach videos and images. Other file type attachments are not allowed.