BlackBerry FAQ

This topic answers frequently asked questions on using ServiceNow on a BlackBerry device.

How do I configure my BlackBerry device to access ServiceNow?

What BlackBerry devices are supported?

Blackberry OS version 4.6.0 or later is required which is included on the newer BlackBerry models. To find your BlackBerry OS version, on your Blackberry, go to Settings > Options > About to find the version. Older versions cannot be supported due to the severely limited JavaScript implementation in the BlackBerry browser.

Getting response "413 Request Entity Too Large" trying to bring up ServiceNow on BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerry devices are configured to only allow files of a certain size to be downloaded. This is typically 128K. This limitation can be changed to by your corporate BlackBerry administrator.

  • Can you access https://<instance name> with your BlackBerry without getting the "entity request too large" error? If you can, it is most likely a problem with your specific instance:
    • Have your ServiceNow administrator verify that "blackberry" is still listed on the property (glide.ui.mobile_agents) which defines the list of devices to receive the mobile UI.
  • If you get the "entity request too large" error when attempting to access https://<instance name>
    • If your BlackBerry device is configured to masquerade as another browser, such as Internet Explorer, then the full desktop version of ServiceNow will attempt to be sent to your device and you will likely get the "request entity too large" error as the size of the main JavaScript file will probably be larger than your configured limit. Verify your device is configured to work as a BlackBerry browser as shown in step 5 of the BlackBerry Configuration article. If it incorrect, you will then need to clear your BlackBerry device's cookies after correcting the browser.
    • Have your corporate BlackBerry administrator check to see whether the maximum size has changed recently; see this article for further information: