Mobile Connect Chat conversations

The mobile app UI provides a native mobile interface for messaging in Connect Chat conversations.

Figure 1. Elements of the mobile UI: Connect Chat conversation
The mobile UI for a Connect Chat conversation contains a header, with the conversation name and a link to conversation details, a conversation area for viewing messages, and an area at the bottom of the conversation to add attachments and enter messages

Mobile Connect Chat conversations consist of the following elements.

Table 1. Elements of the mobile UI: Connect Chat conversation
UI element Description
Conversation name Displays the name of the conversation.
Conversation details Opens the conversation details page, which displays the following information.
  • Record details (record conversations only)
  • Push notification preferences
  • Conversation members

For group and record conversations, the conversation details page also provides capabilities to add or remove conversation members and to leave the conversation.

Avatar Displays an image or initials to represent a user. Tap an avatar to view details about the user, including email address and online presence status.
Attachment button Enables you to include attachments in a message, including photos and documents.
Message field Enables you to enter and send messages.
Note: For record conversations, all messages are sent as comments. The ability to send a message as a work note is not supported.