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Send survey invitations to users

Send survey invitations to users

You can send survey invitations using the Assign Survey or Send Invitations buttons on the Survey Definition form.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or survey_admin

About this task

Use the Send Invitations button to immediately assign survey instances to each survey user that is listed in the survey definition. Use the Assign Survey button to assign a survey instance to any one user at a time.

Each of the buttons generates survey instances assigned to the appropriate users. In addition, if the instance is configured to send email, the system generates survey notifications. For either button to be available, the survey definition must meet all the following conditions:
  • Active check box is selected.
  • State is Published.
  • Associated with at least one question.
Note: You (or a trigger) can send more than one instance of a survey to a user at any time.


Navigate to Application > Module.

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