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Create a category in the survey designer

Create a category in the survey designer

A category represents a theme for evaluating a specific element of the survey topic and contains questions pertaining to that theme.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or survey_admin

About this task

When you create a survey, the system creates a default category, using the name of the survey. You can use this category, modify it, or create additional categories as needed. To have any results, a category must contain scored questions. For simple surveys, one category is usually enough.

Consider creating additional categories to:
  • Separate groups of questions into collapsible sections by category on the survey questionnaire.
  • Report on category scores, which are calculated based on responses for all questions within each category.


  1. Navigate to Survey > Survey Designer.
  2. Enter the name of the survey in theNamefield.
    The system uses this name as the name of the survey and the first category.
  3. To configure the category, click in the gear icon in its title bar.
    The Properties dialog box appears. You can change the name of the category, add a description for it, and enter text in the Details field that introduces or explains the category to recipients.
    Survey designer properties form
  4. Click the X icon to close the category properties dialog box and save your settings.
  5. To add a new category, click the + icon in the title bar of an existing category.