Survey users and groups

Survey users and survey user groups help survey administrators control who can take a survey.

Survey administrators can restrict a survey so that only specified users can access it unless a survey administrator manually assigns the survey to a different user. Survey user groups provide a way to quickly designate multiple survey users from the survey creator.

Administering survey users

The list of survey users for a survey is visible on the Survey Definition and Survey Category forms. You can add or remove users from the list of survey users at any point. Note that designating a survey user does not automatically generate a survey instance for that user unless both of the following conditions are true:
  • The survey definition Schedule period is set to Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly. In this case the system assigns a new survey instance to each survey user at the beginning of each schedule period.
  • The user has no instances of the survey that are incomplete or that have not yet reached their expiration date.
You can designate survey users from the survey creator, the Survey Definition form, or the Survey Category form.
Note: If there are trigger conditions for a survey, do not create survey users. Instead, use the Trigger Conditions form to assign users.

Survey creator

You can designate multiple survey users using the survey creator. In the Survey User Access section, select the Selected users can take this survey option, then use the slushbucket to add users. Alternatively, select the Members of the selected groups can take this survey option, then use the slushbucket to add survey user groups or other groups. The system saves the users as survey users when you save or publish the survey.