Zing text indexing and search engine

Index and search record data by table.

Zing text search is:
  • an index split into multiple database shards for parallel querying
  • created entirely with ServiceNow code
  • implemented purely within the relational model
  • yields fast results with search engine logic
  • provides search results with an emphasis on relevancy scoring
    • frequency points
    • proximity points
    • field-level scoring (such as title, metadata, and short description)
  • provides search suggestions
    • Type-ahead search suggestions
    • Did you mean: global search suggestions
Administrators and users with the ts_admin role can configure:
  • match relevance
  • field weights for each table
  • global stop words
  • stop words for each index
  • synonym dictionaries for each table
  • tables with attachment indexing

By default, the system uses the Zing text indexing and search engine to search record data.