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Tables installed with on-call scheduling

Tables installed with on-call scheduling

On-call scheduling adds the following tables.


Table 1. Tables for on-call scheduling
Display name [Table name] Description
Alternate Rotation Schedule


Lists the alternate user schedules by rota and roster and the start and end date and time stamps.
On-call Member


Lists the selected group members participating in the on-call schedule and escalations.
On-call Notifications


Lists the reminder notifications that were sent.


Determines the members on-call, the rotation interval and escalation settings.
Roster Schedule Span


Contains the schedule span definitions. on-call scheduling adds a group reference and the on-call type to the Type field.


Holds the on-call schedule for a particular shift.


Lists rotation schedules by start date and time and includes user contact information, if available.
Rotation Escalation


Lists the escalations including the event and last updated time stamp.
Trigger Rule


Extends the Assignment Rule [sysrule_assignment] table and stores when the escalation process is triggered and what actions to take.
User Rotation Schedule


Lists the rotation schedule by user.
Note: The tables whose name starts with prefix v such as [v_alternate_rotation] are view-only tables and are used for generating reports.