Specify an outbound email address for a particular language

You can specify a different email address for each language your instance supports.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Create or copy a notification record for the desired event.
  2. In the What will it contain section, enter a new email address in the From field.
  3. Create the Subject and Message content in the desired language.
  4. In the When to send section, create a condition as follows:
    1. In the list of Condition fields, select Show Related Fields from the bottom of the choice list.
    2. From the choice list of Related Fields, select the field that identifies the recipient.

      For example, select Caller > User fields to send the notification to the user who called in an incident, or Assigned to > User fields to send the notification to the user to whom an incident is assigned.

    3. From the choice list of user fields, select Language.
    4. Select the is operator.
    5. Complete the condition by selecting the language of the desired user.
  5. Click Update.
    All notifications for that event originate from the specified email address and go out in the language of the recipient.