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Create a context menu option

Create a context menu option

You can create an option for a context menu.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to System UI > UI Context Menus.
  2. Click New.
  3. Complete the form.
    Table 1. Context menu form fields
    Field Description

    Select the table to which this context menu option is attached. The base system menu items are attached to the Global [global] table, which applies the context menu option to all lists for all tables. If you specify a particular table, the option is available only on context menus in lists from that table.

    Note: The list shows only tables and database views that are in the same scope as the context menu.
    Select the menu in which this option appears.
    • List title menu
    • List header menu
    • List row menu
    Select the type of menu option to create:
    • Action: A menu option that performs an immediate action.
    • Menu: Creates a parent menu that can display a submenu.
    • Separator: Draws a line between groups of options on a menu. Menus do not display separator lines adjacent to one another or at the bottom of a menu. If a condition that removes options for a role forces two separators together, one of the separators is removed from the view.
    • Label: Create an unlinked label for a menu or section of a menu.
    • Dynamic actions: Menu options dynamically created, such as the available views or user filters that can only be generated at the time the list is displayed.
    Name Enter the label for the action as it will appear in the menu.
    Parent If this action is part of a submenu, type the name of the parent menu item. For example, in the base system, Configure is a parent.
    Order Assign an order number to this item, menu, or separator to specify where in the menu it appears.
    Active Enable or disable this context menu item. Only active items are shown in the context menu.
    Run onShow script Select this check box to display the onShow script field.
    Condition Create the conditions under which this menu option appears. For example, define the role that has permission to see this item.
    Action script The action script is the code that runs in response to the menu item that is selected.
    Dynamic actions script The dynamic actions script builds the dynamic items that appear on the menu, such as filters or views.
    onShow script The onShow script contains a script that runs before the menu is displayed that determines the items to present based on previous settings.
    Context menu form
  4. Click Submit.