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List header

You can right-click in the header row of a column to display actions related to that column.

Figure 1. Context menu list header
Table 1. Context menu list header options
Option Description
Sort (a to z)/(z to a) Sort the selected column in ascending or descending order.
Show Visual Task Board Create a visual task board based on the current list.
Group by <column> Group records by the values in the selected column and arrange the groups alphabetically.
Charts Create bar or pie charts on the fly for the values in the selected column.
Configure Configure the list for all users on this instance. This includes the layout, calculations, and controls. Use these controls to access other features such as UI Actions, UI Policies, and the Dictionary.
Import Import data from an Excel template file.
Export Export all the records in the list using the selected file format.
Update Selected/All Perform updates to a single record or to multiple records at once using the appropriate form for that table. See Edit multiple records in a list using the list editor for instructions. This option requires the list_updater role.
Create Application Files Creates demo data from the current list of records that can be included when you install or update the application on another instance. Used with custom application development.
Import XML Import records into this table from an external XML file.