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List editor administration

List editor administration

The list editor allows users to edit field values directly from a list without navigating to a form.

Administrators can manage this feature by using the following options.
  • Configure global properties
  • Configure list control settings for a table
  • Configure contextual security rules
  • Manage user preferences
Warning: Client scripts and UI policies run on forms only (client-side) and do not apply to list editing. Allowing list editing with client scripts running on fields in a form can result in incorrect data being saved to the record. For systems in which client scripts or UI policies apply to forms, either disable list editing or create appropriate business rules or access control to control the setting of values in the list editor. See Use business rules and client scripts to control field values for information on managing form and list editing.

Configure list editor properties

You can configure list editor properties that control whether lists can be edited, and which field types cannot be edited.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to System Properties > UI Properties.
  2. To disable list editing, set the Enable list editing (glide.ui.list_edit) property to No by clearing the check box.
    This property is enabled by default, and it globally enables list editing. When you disable it, the list editor is disabled globally.
  3. To configure the field types that cannot be edited, complete the following steps.
    1. Locate the List of element types (comma-separated) that cannot be edited in the list editor (glide.ui.list_edit_ignore_types) property. It contains several element types that cannot be edited by default.
      The following field types are not editable from the list editor by default.
      • Conditions [conditions]
      • Currency [currency]
      • Document ID [document_id]
      • Field List [field_list]
      • HTML [html]
      • Image [user_image]
      • List [glide_list]
      • Price [price]
      • Template Value [template_value]
      • Time [glide_time]
      • User Roles [user_roles]
      • Video [video]
    2. Add any other field types you want to disable to the end of the list, separated by a comma.
  4. Click Save.

Configure list control settings for the list editor

You can configure the list control settings that affect the list editor.

Before you begin

Role required: personalize_control

About this task

List control settings customize the behavior of list functions for a table.


  1. Navigate to a list view for the desired table.
  2. Right-click a list column header and select Configure > List Control.
  3. Select the desired settings.
    Table 1. Control settings for the list editor
    Name Description
    List edit type Controls the ability of a user to edit values directly in individual cells in a list. The options are:
    • Save immediately (cell edit mode) enables cell editing. The entire row is saved as soon as the user enters a new value.
    • Save data by rows enables cell editing. The row is saved only when the user navigates away from the row or clicks the Save button. This mode allows the user to modify multiple values before saving a record.
    • Disable list editing prevents users from editing cells in the list.
    List edit insert row Controls the ability of a user to create new records in list view. Select the check box to enable or clear the check box to disable this ability. When it is enabled, an empty row appears at the bottom of the list.
    Insert new row
  4. Click Update.

Managing user preferences for list editing

Users can set user preferences for list editing by personalizing a list (available when the list mechanic is activated).

To view and manage list editor user preferences, navigate to User Administration > User Preferences.
Table 2. User Preferences
Name Description
list_edit_enable Set the value to true to enable or false to disable list editing. Default value is true.
list_edit_double Set the value to true for double-click or false for single-click. Default value is true.