Completed import sets

After an import set completes, you can review the completed import and clean up import set tables.

Viewing the import log

The import log is where you can find information about the internal processing that occurs during an import operation.

The log includes information generated by the system during the every step of the import operation from initialization of the import set table from a data source to transformation onto a target table. It is also possible to customize log outputs during the transformation by using, log.warn, log.error statements.

Figure 1. Import Log

Import run history

The import history gives status information about individual import operations.

Note: Functionality described here requires the Admin role.

Run import utility

The Run Import utility is used to run an import operation using an existing Transform Map and Import Set table.

Figure 2. Import History Record

Import set scheduled cleanup

Import set scheduled cleanup is a scheduled job that runs every day at midnight.

By default, it will query all import sets that are older than 7 days and delete the import set and all related tables, eg. the import set table records. If this scheduled job is not active on your instance, we recommend that you activate it as soon as possible to mitigate the growing import set tables that you may have, especially if they are recurring imports.
Note: If the scheduled cleanup is not currently active on your system, you must ensure that your import set tables are not too big (> 5 million records total across all tables) before enabling this cleanup. If the tables are too big, you have to manually delete the records first before proceeding - please contact ServiceNow support to coordinate the deletion of this data.
Import Set Deleter scheduled script