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Choose a layout

Choose a layout

Certain users have rights to modify their homepage. For example, an ESS user cannot change the layout of a homepage, but an ITIL user can change it.

Before you begin

Role required: any role that lets the user change homepage content.


  1. On the homepage, click Switch to page in the top right corner and select Change Layout at the bottom of the choice list.

    The dialog box that appears contains a list of available layouts and a short description of each. Select a layout to see a simplified preview of the layout.

    Change layout dialog box
  2. Select a layout and click Change.


  1. If the page already has content and the layout changes, the existing content stays in the same dropzones it started in. For example, content in dropzone2 of the old layout appears in dropzone2 of the new layout as well, although the dropzone may be in a significantly different location on the page.
  2. If the new layout has fewer or different dropzones than the old layout, there may be orphaned content. For example, if there is content in dropzone5 of the old layout, and the new layout does not have a dropzone5, that content is now orphaned. Any orphaned content is moved to dropzone1.