Homepage caching notes and limitations

  1. Customers with less than one hundred or so concurrent users should not expect to see a significant benefit to this feature in most real-world scenarios. Homepage visits in these situations are infrequent enough that most widgets will have aged out of the cache before a second user visits a homepage. If you're not seeing performance problems with your homepages, tweaking the behavior of this cache is probably going to be counterproductive, or at least a poor use of your time.
  2. The homepage cache is segmented by company, domain, and roles, so customers with different rights and visibility into the system cannot see each other's data by pulling it out of the cache. This does, however, mean that cache efficiency will be lower for customers making extensive use of domain separation.
  3. In an environment with a cluster of multiple UI nodes (as opposed to a UI node + worker configuration), each node has its own homepage cache. Entries are removed from the homepage cache only when their data changes on the node upon which they are cached. Entries are, of course, still removed from the cache when they expire.