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Case sensitive coalesce field values

Case sensitive coalesce field values

Coalescence is the method by which import sets update existing records in a destination production table, rather than inserting new records.

This means that when importing the data onto the targeted production table, the import set application attempts to match source values to currently existing target values on a production table for updating. Otherwise, a new record is created.

A field called Coalesce case sensitive in the Field Map form (System Import Sets > Transform Maps > Field Map), enables you to coalesce field values by case sensitivity.

Case sensitivity in coalescence

By default, field values marked as Coalesce are used in a case insensitive lookup for existing records. Case insensitive records update existing records only, and do not cause new records to be created. If this check box is selected, the ServiceNow system attempts to match coalesce field values in import sets by case. If the case of a field in a record in the import set does not match the case in a value in an existing record, a new record is created.

Figure 1. Case sensitivity in coalescence