Make a field mandatory

Fields can be marked as mandatory, meaning they must contain a value before the record can be saved. Mandatory fields are marked with a field status indicator before the label.

Before you begin

Role required: personalize_dictionary

About this task

A mandatory field that populated by the platform with default data, such as a value from a client script, does not display the indicator. If you delete this value from the field, however, the indicator appears. The color of the indicator depends on the field state. For more information, see UI16 and UI15 field status indicators or UI11 field status indicators.


  1. Right-click the field's label in the form and select Configure Dictionary.
  2. In the Dictionary form, select the Mandatory check box.
  3. Click Update.
    The next time the form is opened, a field status indicator appears next to the field label, indicating that a value is mandatory.
    Note: Mandatory fields are global. The field is marked as mandatory everywhere it appears in a form.
    Mandatory Reference Fields

    A form can be saved with an empty mandatory field, if that field is a reference field (derived from another table) and if the parent field is also blank. However, if the mandatory reference field shows a value from the parent field, then the form cannot be saved if this value is deleted. If the value in the referenced field is changed, the value for that field is changed everywhere it appears.