Encryption rule conditions

An encryption rule condition should return true if the rule is to handle the HTTP request; otherwise, it should return false. The condition can use the method type, content type, URL path, or any URL query string parameters to determine if the rule should handle the request.

The condition has access to these fields via the request object.
Table 1. Request object fields
Field Description
path The path portion of the URL
requestMethod GET or POST
contentType The Content-Type header field
urlParams The parameters in the query string. This can also be evaluated to a String.
postParams If this is a form post, this contains the post parameters
An example:
function SampleCondition(request) {
	if (endsWith(request.path, "/sample_processor.do")) {
		return true;
	return false;
An example accessing a URL query string parameter:
//Check if the property ‘myParam’ exists in the urlParams object.
if (request.urlParams.myParam) {
var myParam = request.urlParams.myParam;