Locale settings

There are two locale settings, system and user. The system locale determines the reference currency, and the user locale determines the session currency.

The system locale is set using the glide.system.locale property. The value is of the format Language.Country where the language is an ISO 639 language code and the country is an ISO 3166 language code. Internally, this value is used as specified by Java. The system locale setting should be in the Java supported locales list. The system locale should be set once on a fresh zboot because reference currency values in currency fields are assumed to be in the currency implied by the system locale.

Note: Do not change the system locale after currency values have been entered into the instance. When you change the system locale, the reference currency values are not adjusted, that is, there is no rate conversion. This persistence results in invalid aggregations and filtering.
The user locale is determined by the following, in order of consideration.
  • User record in which both country and language are specified.
  • System locale set using the property glide.system.locale.
  • Browser locale.