ACL rule output messages

ACL debugging displays ACL rule output messages at the bottom of each list and form.

The output message does the following:
  • Improve readability
  • Include context information
  • Show the results of each type of ACL test
  • To provide hyperlinks to the ACLs that run on the list or form.

Each message displays the following information:

Table 1. Message information
Message element Description
TIME The total time used to process this ACL rule.
PATH Information that uniquely identifies each ACL rule in the format: <ACL rule type>/<ACL rule name>/<Operation>.
CONTEXT The object being evaluated by the ACL rule.
RC The return code of the ACL rule. A true value passes the ACL rule. A false value fails the ACL rule.
RULE A brief summary of processors and scripts, followed by ACL results for each table-level and field-level ACL evaluation. Most ACL evaluations show an overall pass or fail result followed by a breakdown of the results for each type of ACL criteria:
  • Role
  • Condition
  • Script

The icons that appear show how the ACL was evaluated:

Table 2. Evaluation icons
Icon Description
A green checkmark (Green checkmark‎) Indicates the table or field passed the criteria.
A red x icon (Red x icon) Indicates the table or field did not pass.
An empty gray circle icon (Grey circle icon‎) Indicates the ACL evaluation did not need to be performed.
A blue checkmark, x, or empty circle Indicates that the ACL was taken from a cached result of a previous ACL check. The icons mean the same as the above.

Click the name of the ACL next to any of the output messages to open that ACL record.

Figure 1. ACL debug list