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Contextual search process flow

Contextual search process flow

Understand the steps you follow to define the contextual search process.

Before you begin

Role required: catalog_admin or admin


  1. Define a search context to be available in multiple locations, setting overall values and conditions for the search results displayed.
    For example, define a search context for service desk calls that only displays search results from the Technical Solutions knowledge base.
  2. Define where the contextual search results are to appear.
    Forms You can define knowledge to be associated whenever a problem record is created. For forms, you can also provide search results with email notifications sent when a record is created. For example, automatic notifications sent when an incident is created can include knowledge search results which may help the user who raised the incident resolve the issue independently.
    Record producers Define a Create New Incident record producer to trigger a search based on text entered in the Comments field. Display the search results at the bottom of the record producer.
    Wizards For example, if you have defined a wizard for creating incidents, you can add contextual search results to it.