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Define contextual search for record producer

Define contextual search for record producer

You can define a record producer to trigger a search based on text entered in the Comments field, and display search results at the bottom of the record producer.

About this task

For example, you can add contextual search to the Short description variable in the Ask a Question record producer to provide potential answers for users creating an incident using that record producer.
The default Create New Incident record producer implements contextual search. If you have customized this record producer, you can configure contextual search to link to a specific field on your record producer.
Note: Only one variable within a record producer can use contextual search.


  1. Navigate to Contextual Search > Search Contexts.
  2. Select the search context.
  3. In the Record Producer Configurations related list, click New.
    Contextual search: record producer
  4. Complete the form.
    Table 1. Configuration fields
    Field Description
    Record producer Name of the record producer to add the search to.
    Search context Name of the search context to use.
    Searh variable Variable within the selected record producer which uses the contextual search.
    Results header text Label for the search results area that appears on the record producer.
    Result action label Label of the action button that appears when the user opens a search result record. By default this is set to This Helped
    Result action value Internal value of the action button that appears when the user opens a search result record. By default this is set to helped. This value is stored within the Relevant Document [cxs_relevant_doc] table.
    Active Check box for activating this record producer configuration.
    Limit Maximum number of items to display in the results area. By default, this is set to 10. To return an unrestricted number, leave this field blank.
    Results per page Number of results that are shown per page in the results area.
  5. Click Submit.