Corporate style guide

When you build a CMS website, the corporate style guide dictates the look and feel of your website.

A corporate style guide provides detailed information for designing any corporate interface, including corporate websites.

Corporate design team
Many organizations have a corporate team that designed their website. Contact this team and involve the designers early in the planning. They can provide help and give their approval to the interface you design. Without approval, there is the risk of having to redesign the entire site because it does not adhere to the organizational guidelines.
Corporate style guide
A corporate style guide takes the guesswork out of designing the CMS website. The example style guide shown is defined down to the pixel. Creating a site with the style guide makes it easy to create clean CSS and HTML. Without a style guide, building the site can take a great deal of time.
Design considerations
Some modifications to the base design for forms may be necessary. The content area of any CMS design must be no smaller than 860px, or service catalog forms are clipped. The sample style guide entry specifies the content area to be 576px, which clips service catalog forms.
Figure 1. Example style guide entry
A corporate style guide, as shown in this example, has specifications on Header, Page content, and footer areas, as well as Navigation and Information snip panels.