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Content Management administration

Content Management administration

The Content Management System (CMS) is a tool for creating customized web pages and extending the look and feel of the ServiceNow platform.

Content Management administrators can use the Content Management > Configuration module to configure the CMS. Users with the content_admin role can configure CMS sites. Configuration options include setting a login page, selecting a default layout, and selecting a default theme. Page detail settings, content types, and macros can also be modified.

Content configuration page

Administrators set all global CMS defaults on the Content Management > Configuration Page. The options set on the configuration page can be overridden at a site level.

Note: The Content Management page cannot be domain separated.
Table 1. Configuration page fields
Field Input value
Login page Specifies a content page to use as the login page (if a login page is not set at the site level). Include fields on the login page where users can enter a user name and password to view the site.
Search page Specifies a content page for displaying search results (if a search results page is not set at the site level).
Default layout Specifies a default layout for content pages to use. For more information on layouts, see Homepage and content page layouts.
Default content theme Specifies a default content theme for content pages to use. For more information, see Content themes