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Example delegated administration with domain specific applications and modules

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Example delegated administration with domain specific applications and modules

The following example illustrates delegated administration with domain-specific applications and modules.

As the administrator of the Database domain, David Loo decides to customize the Configuration application. To start with, David reviews the modules available in the Configuration application module.

Figure 1. Starting view of the Configuration application

David decides to rename the Configuration application to CMDB and to allow the inventory_admin role to see the application.

Figure 2. Sample domain-specific changes to the Configuration application

Next, David decides to change the Incident application by activating the Open - in "New" State module and adding a new filter item to show open incidents in the Database category.

Figure 3. Sample domain-specific changes to the Open - "New" State module

This creates a new module entry in the application rather than overwriting the existing module in the global domain.

Figure 4. Domain-specific view of the Incident application

If another administrator from another domain, such as Fred Luddy, logs in and looks at the Configuration application, he see the settings from the global domain.

Figure 5. David Loo's view of applications
Figure 6. Fred Luddy's view of applications