Quiz Overview module

The Quiz Overview module is a homepage that displays various gauges that report on data such as results for each category and quizzes that are complete, pending, or in progress.

Before you begin

Role required: assessment_admin or admin

About this task

For details about editing gauges on homepages, see Add existing gauges to a homepage.

Users with the assessment_admin role can view the overview page and refresh, add, delete, and rearrange gauges.


  1. Navigate to Quizzes > Overview.
  2. Click elements within the gauges to obtain more information. The available gauges are:
    Quizzes by State Assessment Instance [asmt_assessment_instance]
    Total Questions by Quiz Assessment Metric [asmt_metric]
    Questions by Data Type Assessment Metric [asmt_metric]
    Correct Answers by Assigned User Metric Results [asmt_metric_result]
    Number of Correct Answers Metric Results [asmt_metric_result]
    Incorrect Answers by Assigned User Metric Results [asmt_metric_result]
    Number of Incorrect Answers Metric Results [asmt_metric_result]