Data types for quizzes

Table 1. Available data types
Data type Description
Checkbox Check box to use as a response to a True/False question.
Choice List of predefined options. When you select Choice, answer option fields. You must enter at least two answer options.
Date Date field
Date/Time Time and date field.
DurationPercentagePercentage field with a prescribed range. When the script runs, the system populates the Duration value and Scaled value fields on the Metric Result form with the appropriate values from the actual_result and scaled_result variables in the metric script.
Likert Scale Predefined Likert scale of answer options, each represented by a radio button on the scale. When you select Likert Scale, a field appears for you to enter the answer option text. When you make an entry in this field, another field appears below it for the next answer option on the scale. You must enter at least two answer options.
Number Number field with predefined minimum and maximum values.
String Single or multi-line text field.
Template Choice list of templates that provide a predefined scale of options.
Yes/No Selections for a response to a True/False question.