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Visual dispatch

Visual dispatch

The Visual Dispatch screen is similar to the timeline screen.

About this task

The visual dispatch option is available on work order tasks in Pending Dispatch state with a Dispatch group assigned.

Keep the following in mind when using visual dispatch:
  • Visual dispatch can only be reached through work order tasks, not work orders.
  • Users with the wm_dispatcher or wm_initiator_qualifier_dispatcher role can access visual dispatch, but only if they belong to the assigned dispatch group.
  • Users with the wm_admin or admin role do not belong to any dispatch groups and cannot access visual dispatch.
  • A single dispatch group may cover several assignment groups.
  • An agent can belong to multiple assignment groups.


  1. Navigate to Work Management > Dispatching > Dispatch Queue.
  2. Open a work order task.
  3. Click Visual Dispatch in the header or under Related Links.
    The Visual Dispatch form has these characteristics:
    • The agent list on the left is organized by assignment group.
    • Tasks appear as horizontal bars in the schedule pane with travel times in blue and scheduled work times in purple.
    • Unassigned tasks appear in the lower part of the screen.
    • Assigned tasks appear in the upper part of the screen on the same row as their assigned agent.
    • Gray bars indicate tasks that are in Work in Progress or Accepted state.
    Visual dispatch form
  4. Change the perspective:
    • Move the slider at the bottom of the chart right or left to scroll across the chart, or adjust the end points of the slider to change the magnification. A narrow slider zooms in on the tasks and provides a more detailed view of travel time and work time. A wide slider pulls the view out and makes more of the chart visible on the screen.
    • Click a time interval, such as 1M for one month, from the options above the chart. The time interval zooms the chart in or out starting with the current time and date, which is signified by a vertical green line. Note that this does not hold true, however, if the slider is adjusted so that no tasks are visible.
    • Specify a time interval by selecting From and To dates above the chart.
  5. Point to a task to obtain more information about it.
  6. Change the duration of a task by clicking and dragging the left or right edge of the task bar.

    The system prompts you to confirm any changes you make to tasks in the timeline.

  7. Move work and travel time simultaneously on the X (horizontal) axis by clicking and dragging the work or travel time for a task to a new location.
  8. Assign a work order task by dragging the task from the lower section of the screen to an empty slot in the timeline corresponding to an agent in the upper section of the screen.

    A single agent cannot have multiple work order tasks scheduled to take place at the same time. A message appears if the selected agent does not have the skills specified for the task.

  9. Reassign a work order task by dragging the task from one agent to the timeline of a different agent in the upper part of the screen.

    If a task has transfer orders that have shipped (in transit), the system displays a warning and blocks any attempt to reassign the task. If the transfer orders have been received or delivered, reassignment is permitted, and the assets are moved to a state of In Stock / Available.

  10. Unassign a work order task by dragging the task from the upper section of the screen to the lower section where unassigned tasks are listed.