Promote draft work order tasks

When a work order is automatically qualified, the system creates a task in the Draft state, which must be promoted.

About this task

When a user with the admin or wm_initiator_qualifier role creates a work order that is qualified automatically, the work order state progresses from Draft to Qualified and the system automatically creates a task in the Draft state. This user can then promote the draft tasks to a state of Pending Dispatch.


  1. Navigate to Field Service > Work Order > My Work Order Tasks.
    The list displays tasks in the Draft state created by the current user.
  2. Open a task.
  3. Make sure the task has a Dispatch group.
  4. Click Ready for Dispatch.
    The task is promoted to the Pending Dispatch state.

What to do next

You can promote multiple tasks at the same time from a related list or a task list. Check the check boxes of the tasks to promote and select Ready for Dispatch from the Action choice list.
Promote multiple tasks