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Automatically dispatch a task at qualification

Automatically dispatch a task at qualification

Users with the wm_qualifier and wm_initiator_qualifier roles can dispatch a task automatically at qualification by assigning it to a dispatch group that has auto-assignment enabled.

About this task

To activate the auto-dispatch phase of the work order workflow, you must turn on Auto-dispatch in Field Service > Administration > Configuration. By default, the slider is turned off.


  1. Open a work order that is in the Awaiting Qualification state or one that has been qualified automatically.
  2. Open a task in the Draft state.
  3. Select a Dispatch group that has auto-dispatch defined.

    The choice list is not filtered. You must know which of your groups are configured for auto-dispatch. In this example, the California Dispatchers group has auto-dispatch enabled.

    Work order task auto dispatch qualify
  4. Ensure that the task has a location defined.

    Auto-dispatch will fail unless the task contains a valid location.

  5. In the Planned section, create a schedule for this task or let the system determine the times. For instructions, see Create Work Order Tasks.

    By default, the current date and time appear in the Window start field. If you do not create a schedule or a fixed window, the Window start value is used to look for an agent who has that time slot open.

  6. Click Qualified.

    The view returns to the previous page, and a success message appears. The system assigns an agent to the task, enters the agent's assignment group in the task record, and moves the state to Assigned.

    Work order task auto dispatch qualify 2

    If auto-dispatch fails, the message indicates either that no agent was available or that the task did not specify a location. The system moves tasks that fail auto-dispatch to the Pending Dispatch state.

  7. To auto-dispatch a task that failed previously, enter any missing information or change the schedule, and then click Auto-Dispatch.