Assign a task

You can assign agents to unassigned tasks using the dispatch map.

  1. Navigate to Work Management > Dispatching > My Dispatch Map.
  2. Select a filter view for the day and the assignment group you want to see.
  3. Click an unassigned task in the map, marked by a red icon.

    A pop-up window shows the unassigned task and a description.

    Dispatch map displaying unassigned task
  4. Click the icons of nearby agents and examine their schedules.

    An agent's schedule shows each assigned task and its work duration. The tasks appear in the sequence defined manually by the dispatcher or by the agent using the auto-routing feature.

    Dispatch map with agent schedule
  5. Locate an appropriate agent with available time to perform the unassigned task.
  6. Click the number of the unassigned task to display the record in a pop-up on the map.
  7. Select the available agent in the Assigned to field.

    Only agents from the current assignment group are available for selection.

    Dispatch map with assign agent popup
  8. Click Update.

    The red icon on the map turns blue, indicating that the task is assigned but not yet accepted by the agent. The icon turns green when the agent accepts the task.

    Dispatch map assigned task
    Dispatch map accepted task