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Work status

To evaluate the agent's work status, the system checks the action the agent takes when updating a task and interprets it as a status.

The status can be one of the following:
  • On route
  • On site
  • On break
  • Off work

For example, when the agent starts travel to a task, the system considers the agent's status as On route. When the agent starts to work on a task, the agent's status is updated to On site. When an agent closes or cancels a task, the agent's status is updated to None in preparation for travel to the next task.

You can view an agent's work status in the information box that opens when you click the agent's icon in the dispatch map or in an agent's user record. To display agent work status in the user record, navigate to User Administration > Users and configure the User form to show the Work agent status field. This action puts the status field on all user records.