Agent auto assignment using rating-based criteria

Rating-based methods, such as location, skills, and time zones, help you auto assign agents based on configuration settings and optional properties. The calculated ratings are used to determine the best agent to perform the task.

Any combination of rating-based methods can be enabled in the application configuration screen.

When a task is created, a rating for each type of enabled selection criteria is calculated for each available agent. The agent whose average rating is highest is considered for auto-assignment. The settings for the auto-assignment weighting properties, found in [SM application] > Administration > Properties, are included in the rating calculations.

These values help you prioritize which auto-assignment selection criteria is more important to your organization. The priority values should be [1, 10] and they are factored between 1 and 0. That is, 10 is a factor of 1, 5 is a factor of .5, and so on. For an example of how the weighting properties affect agent ratings, see Agent auto assignment using multiple selection criteria.