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Add or edit a campus

Add or edit a campus

A campus represents the top level in your space, and contains buildings and map sets. Identify the details of your campus, including it's location, manager, gross area, and usable area. Occupancy and utilization metrics are calculated using these details.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to Facilities > Space Management > Campus.
  2. Continue with one of the following options.
    To add a campus manually
    • Click New.
    To add a campus using a map set
    To edit a campus
    • Click the name of the campus you want to edit.
    The Facility Campus form appears.
  3. Fill in the fields on the form, as appropriate.
    Table 1. Campus form
    Field Description
    Name Enter a descriptive name for the campus.
    Managed by Select the employee who manages the campus.
    Location Select from the location hierarchy.
    Gross area
    Usable area
    Assignable area
    Area unit Select the unit used for defining the space size: square feet or square meters.
    Current occupancy Displays the number of users currently associated with the space. This is generated using business rules on the Associated User [m2m_fm_user_to_space] table.
    Max occupancy Enter the maximum capacity of users for this space. This value is intended for reporting purposes.
    Percent occupied
  4. Continue with one of the following options.
    To add a campus
    • Click Submit.
    To edit a campus
    • Click Update.