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Migrate facilities data to new space definition tables

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Migrate facilities data to new space definition tables

If you want to continue using the image-based floor plans with the new space definition, migrate your data from the old tables to the new space definition tables.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

You must have data in the legacy floor plan viewer tables such as fpv_element.

About this task

The migration process only migrates complete data. Therefore a space that is not in a level or a level not in a building will not get migrated. This behavior can be changed by updating the migration script include. Floors that are not connected to a building will not be migrated, nor will spaces that are not part of a floor or building. As part of the migration process, the legacy spaces, floors, and buildings are marked as migrated. Any object that is marked as migrated will not get migrated again so you can safely run through the migration process multiple times without creating duplicated objects in the space tables. This behavior can be modified in the migration script include or by resetting the migration flag on the original objects.
The migration path for the old tables to the new are:
  • [cmn_building] migrates to [alm_building]
  • [fpv_floor] migrates to [fm_level]
  • [fpv_element] migrates to [fm_space]


  1. Navigate to Facilities > Administration > Migrate.
  2. Click Migrate.


The following results can be expected:
  • Data is migrated to the new facilities management tables for buildings, floors, and spaces.
  • After a building, floor, or space is migrated, it will be marked as migrated and will not be able to be migrated again.