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Facilities Legacy Floor Plan Viewer

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Facilities Legacy Floor Plan Viewer

The Facilities Legacy Floor Plan Viewer is an image-based mapping solution that provides pictorial representation of your organization's space. This feature has been replaced by the interactive facility maps application.

Customers can keep the existing table definitions for their facilities data or migrate to the new space table, which includes additional space management metrics. See Migrate facilities data to new space definition tables.

If you move to the new space management table structure it’s easy to add more details by creating a transform map to assign values automatically to the spaces without having to do so manually. See Process map set files.

The legacy floor plan viewer works with either the legacy tables or the new tables. However, it will not work with a mix of old and new tables, as [sys_property] controls the table set. .
Note: There is no migration path from the legacy floor plan viewer to the new interactive facility map.