Find a space or user

All users in your organization, regardless of their role, can search for other users and spaces. The results are ordered by current level or floor, current campus, and other campuses.

Before you begin

Role required: none


  1. Perform one of the following options.
    Type of userAction
    User Navigate to Self-Service > Floor Pan.
    Facility role Navigate to Facilities > Workbench.
  2. To help narrow your search results, you can select the campus, building, and floor number for your search.
    Note: The number of search results returned is configured by the facilities administrator. See Workbench configuration.
    Campus and floor selection
  3. On the Spaces tab, enter the user's name or space name in the search field.
  4. Press the Enter key to submit your search criteria.
    Search results are returned in the following order:
    • Current Level
    • Other in Campus
    • Other Campuses
  5. Perform one of the following options.
    To see the space or user details Click the link for the space or user.

    The details for that user or space open in a separate form.

    Note: If the location is a space, users and facilities staff can create facilities requests from the room information. See Create a facility request from the workbench.
    To see the location of the space or user on the floor plan Click the pin icon (Pin icon) beside the link for the user or space.