Generate a post incident report without performing an assessment

You can generate a post incident report without first performing an assessment.

Before you begin

Before you can generate a post incident report, the security incident must be in the Review state.

Role required: sn_si.admin


  1. Create a security incident, or open an existing one by navigating to Security > Incident, and selecting Created by me, Open, All, and so forth.
  2. Click Format Post Incident Report.
    The report is generated in the Post Incident Review tab of the security incident.
    Post incident report
  3. You can edit the report using the text editor.
  4. When you have completed your edits, change the state of the security incident to Closed.
    Note: Be careful not to click the Format Post Incident Report button after making manual edits to the report. If you click the button to re-generate the report, your changes will be lost. All edits should be performed immediately prior to closing the security incident.