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Create a security incident administrator group

Create a security incident administrator group

Set up a security incident administrator group and assign the appropriate roles and users to the group.

Before you begin

Roles required:
  • If you have the user_admin role, you can create security incident assignment groups.
  • If you have the sn_si.admin role, you can create and edit security incident assignment groups.

About this task

Users in a group inherit the roles of the group, so you do not have to assign roles to each user separately.

It is a good practice is to create as many groups as needed in your organization. It is also a good practice to create one group for administrators and assign the admin role to this group only.

When the Security Incident Response application is activated, the System Administrator user can access security features and records by default, and the System Administrator is the only administrator who can set up security groups and users. After system configuration has been completed, and security roles have been assigned to users, a user with the sn_si.admin role can revoke the System Administrator's access to Security Incident Response by setting the The security application is unlocked for admin to access property to false (uncheck the check box).


  1. Navigate to User Administration > Groups.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the fields.
  4. Make sure that you select the security incident type for this group.
    1. If the Type field is not visible, configure the form to add it.
    2. Click the lock icon beside the Type field.
    3. Click the reference lookup icon ().
    4. Search for and select the security incident type.
  5. Right-click the form header and select Save.
  6. In the Roles related list, add the roles that each member of this group receives. For example, if you are making a group for Security Incident Response team members, add sn_si.agent. If you are making a group for Security Incident Response administrators, add sn_si.admin.
  7. In the Group Members related list, add users to this group.
  8. Click Update.