Configure the real-time treemap

You can configure the real-time security dashboard to change its appearance. As needed, you can also add treemaps and performance analytics indicator groups for quickly searching for indicators.

  1. Navigate to Security Incident > Administration > Real-time Definition.
    Real-time incident risk treemap
  2. If you are defining a new real-time treemap, enter a Name.
    The base system defaults to Security Incident Real time.
  3. If you are using performance analytics as a data source, you can further constrain the metrics reported in the dashboard by entering the PA Indicator Group.
    Note: The Performance Analytics module requires a separate plugin.
  4. You can activate or deactivate the real-time treemap definition using the Active check box.
  5. To change the color for incidents, click Security Incidents in the Treemap Categories related list and select a different color.
  6. If you want to use other treemaps from different sources, click New in the Treemap Categories related list, define the parameters you want to use, and click Submit.
  7. Click Update.