Knowledge Management release notes

Knowledge Management product enhancements and updates in the Geneva release.

Activation information

Knowledge management is significantly changed with Knowledge v3, which is enabled by default for all instances starting with the Fuji release. For migration information, see Knowledge Management v3 migration.

New in the Geneva release

Social Q&A Enables users to ask questions and share information within your organization. Users can ask questions and respond to existing questions, and vote on helpful questions and answers.
Knowledge import Allows users to create knowledge articles by importing Microsoft Word documents to a knowledge base. Import multiple documents and use existing publication workflows to manage imported documents.

Changed in the Geneva release

  • Additional filtering options are available when browsing and searching on the Knowledge homepage.
  • You can filter content by tag when browsing the Knowledge homepage.
  • The Featured Content, Most Useful, and Most Viewed sections are displayed on the Knowledge homepage.
  • You can select a language when searching on the Knowledge homepage.