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Exceptions to browser support

Exceptions to general browser support

Certain applications and features in the Geneva release have browser requirements that differ from the list of browsers generally supported by the ServiceNow platform.

Table 1. Browser requirements for Geneva
Application, plugin, or property Details
Available system properties:
  • glide.ui.dirty_form_support
Enables (true) or disables (false) display of a confirmation message when a form has unsaved changes and the user leaves the form through any means except a submit (such as using the green back arrow, any form button, or other).

This property is not supported in Safari.

Financial Management If you are using Internet Explorer, you must use version 11 or later. You can also use any of the other generally supported web browsers.
Legacy Business Service Management Map Microsoft Internet Explorer has these limitations and requirements when used with ServiceNow BSM maps:
  • To access the BSM map using Internet Explorer 7 and 8, you must install Adobe Flash Player 10.1 or higher.
Note: Geneva is the last release in which Internet Explorer 7 and 8 are supported for BSM maps.
  • You cannot export images from the map with Internet Explorer 7.
  • Map view images saved in a browser other than Internet Explorer 8 might not display properly in Internet Explorer 8.
  • Internet Explorer 7 can only display the version numbers of saved views and not the images.
To use Firefox ESR, the latest version is required.
Available system properties:
  • glide.ui.html.editor.toolbar.line1
  • glide.ui.html.editor.toolbar.line2
Configures the editing toolbar (first line) for HTML fields. This is a comma-separated list without spaces. Of the available buttons, fullscreen is not supported on Internet Explorer.
The following Geneva browser-related PRBs were fixed in Geneva/Geneva Patch 1.
Problem Fixed in Details
PRB649022 Geneva Patch 1 Any version of Internet Explorer in UI11 or UI15 will not render the contextual search results if the short description field is made read-only by a client side method.
PRB648022 Geneva Patch 1 Unable to select entire certification row when selecting the far left checkbox in list of objects to certify in Internet Explorer 9+.
PRB643257 Geneva Patch 1 Internet Explorer modifies page to help prevent cross-site scripting when using sys_template.
PRB628742 Geneva fixes On Internet Explorer 9 and 10, using the Calendar (date picker) triggers the "Are you sure you want to leave this page?" dialog box.
PRB649834 Geneva Patch 1 Planning board gives unsupported browser messages in UI11 for supported browsers.