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Service Mapping release notes

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Service Mapping release notes

Service Mapping product enhancements and updates in the Geneva release.

In the Fuji release, ServiceWatch version 3.6 is a stand-alone product with its own infrastructure including a database, a collector component, the credentials store, and a user interface. In Geneva, the functionality of ServiceWatch is provided by the combined functionality of Event Management release notes, Discovery release notes, and Service Mapping.

Activation information

Service Mapping is a new application in the Geneva release.

New in the Geneva release

Map indicators Administrators can define layers of data - referred to as map indicators - to display on top of the service map, based on data from any table in the ServiceNow platform. Map indicators exist for incidents, outages and changes. Administrators can easily add more indicators if necessary.
High availability Both instances (servers) and MID Servers support high availability.
Pattern versioning ServiceNow platform capabilities allow Service Mapping to keep different versions of the same pattern, compare them and revert to a previous version if necessary.
Performing horizontal discovery using the Discovery plugin While ServiceWatch completely relied on its own ability to discover infrastructure components like network or storage, Service Mapping is now independent from the infrastructure discovery tool. Shipping Service Mapping together with the ServiceNow Discovery plugin made it possible to add more types of infrastructure components to service maps. It is done by populating the CMDB with new types by adding discovery logic to the Discovery plugin or by other methods.
Extensibility for infrastructure dependencies Service Mapping can utilize information about infrastructure components saved in CMDB. This information about configuration items (CIs) can be brought into CMDB either using new discovery logic on the Discovery plugin or by other methods.
External commands Service Mapping allows users to define how common commands (like identifying the process listening on a port) should be executed depending on an operating system. This feature provides the ability to support new operating systems.

Changed in the Geneva release

Many ServiceWatch mechanisms are now migrated to their ServiceNow equivalents:

  • The new user interface is HTML-based and an integral part of the ServiceNow platform user interface.
  • While ServiceWatch used Collectors for discovery of devices located on private networks, Service Mapping utilizes MID Servers that serve the same purpose and are used by other ServiceNow applications.
  • Service Mapping uses the ServiceNow credential store for creating and managing credentials.
  • The SaaS deployment hosted on Amazon is replaced by the cloud deployment hosted in ServiceNow data centers.