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Service Management Core release notes

Service Management Core release notes

Service Management Core product enhancements and updates in the Geneva release.

New in the Geneva release

Service Management Core contains Service Management items that are common to all the Service Management for the Enterprise products, such as Field Service Management, Facilities Management, Human Resources Management, Legal Management, Finance Management, and Marketing Management.

Application Configuration

Application configuration provides for disabling state flows, non-mandatory work notes, maps, notifications, associated tables and hardware models, and task activities.
Auto-assignment The auto-assignment engine has been generalized to work for all task tables. Includes configuration options for priority assignment, consistent assignment, time zone factor, and factor weights. Additionally, an event is triggered when auto-assignment fails.
Templates Customized fields are included in templates and the catalog. Now, multiple SM task types are included under the same request. The ability to copy task templates is also included.
Checklists Checklists are now available on SM order and SM task forms, as well as SM templates.
Planned Maintenance Planned Maintenance provides more flexibility in setting up a scheduled maintenance process with condition- and script-based triggers for schedules. Additionally, maintenance schedules can be run on-demand or rescheduled for a different date. New reports and forecasting calendars are also included.

Changed in the Geneva release

  • Ability to mark inbound requests as spam
  • Service catalog variables available on the form
  • Previously, you could only add affected CIs to service orders and service tasks. Now you can also add affected assets — most useful if the affected "entity" is not represented as a CI, but is represented as an asset
  • Mobile catalogs for Marketing, Legal, Finance