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Studio release notes

Studio release notes

ServiceNow Studio product enhancements and updates in the Geneva release.

Activation information

Active by default. The Studio plugin is new in Geneva.

New in the Geneva release

ServiceNow Studio Provides an IDE-like interface for application developers to work on custom applications in one centralized location.
Automatic recovery of draft records Recover unsaved changes should a user session end unexpectedly due to network latency, session timeout, or service interruption.
Search for an application file by name or type Allows application developers to search for application files by name and by type.
Search within application files Allows application developers to search within application files for matching record values.
Context-sensitive API help Display context-sensitive API information in script, HTML, and XML fields.
Add a related list to another application's table view Add a related list from any application to a table view to help users find related records in newly installed applications.