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Project Management release notes

Project Management release notes

Project Management product enhancements and updates in the Geneva release.

Activation information

You must activate a teamspace plugin to use the teamspace feature. The following plugins are available (the teamspaces loaded with these plugins contain the same components, but the components have different prefixes):
  • Project Management TeamSpace 1 (com.snc.ppm_teamspace_1)
  • Project Management TeamSpace 2 (com.snc.ppm_teamspace_2)
  • Project Management TeamSpace 3 (com.snc.ppm_teamspace_3)
  • Project Management TeamSpace 4 (com.snc.ppm_teamspace_4)
  • Project Management TeamSpace 5 (com.snc.ppm_teamspace_5)

New in the Geneva release

Teamspaces Enable functional and data separation between Project Portfolio Suite (PPS) applications using teamspaces. You can assign roles that are specific to TeamSpaces to allow divisions in your organization, such as Marketing, Finance, and Facilities, to access a dedicated TeamSpace. See TeamSpaces for more information.
Planning console The Planning Console provides a unified graphical interface to the Project application, including new hierarchical Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) lists and a new Gantt chart. See the Planning Console for more information.
Task dependencies In addition to finish-to-start dependencies, these are also supported:
  • Start-to-finish
  • Start-to-start
  • Finish-to-finish

Project dependencies can be created from the list view of project tasks, from lists on the workbench, and from the WBS hierarchy on the planning console. See Project task relationships and dependencies for more information.

Task relationships The application automatically prevents cyclical dependences and relationships between tasks. See Project task relationships and dependencies for more information.
Task checklists Checklists are available for Project tasks. Checklists provide a way to check off activities that must be completed on a task.

Changed in the Geneva release

  • User roles project_portfolio_user, project_user, and project_manager have been changed to it_project_portfolio_user, it_project_user, and it_project_manager, respectively. Users with the existing roles are migrated to the new roles when the upgrade is performed.
  • Project tasks can be assigned only to the users with the it_project_user role.
  • In a finish-to-start task dependency, if the state of a task changes to Closed Complete, the state of the successor task changes to Open (instead of Work in Progress as in the previous release).