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Team Development release notes

Team Development release notes

Team Development product enhancements and updates in the Geneva release.

Activation information

Platform feature - active by default

New in the Geneva release

For more information about these features, see Team Development.
'Table Delete' feature for update sets and Team Development You can now delete a table on an instance and then move the deletion to another instance using update sets or Team Development.
  • Update Sets - Table Deletes can be retrieved, previewed, committed, merged, and backed-out
  • Team Development - Table Deletes can be pushed, pulled, backed-out, compared, and cherry-picked. Collisions are detected.
  • Upgrade - Table Deletes are treated as customization and are not overwritten by upgrade or plugin upgrade.
  • Table Hierarchy - Tables that extend other tables or have tables that extend them are correctly deleted.
  • Associated Records - All associated records are correctly deleted along with the table.
  • Application Publish - Table Deletes are captured when you publish applications. Table deletion records maintain correct scope.

Changed in the Geneva release

Improved upgrade performance and improvements to the Upgrade Monitor, Upgrade History, and Upgrade Details pages

The Upgrade History page includes new dispositions: unchanged, unchanged and customized, and skipped due to errors.

The Upgrade Details page includes new elements: resolution status, comments, and priority. Priority is calculated based on the fields that exist in the table.

The Upgrade Monitor page includes a link to Skipped updates and includes new sections:
  • Top 10 Fix Scripts by Duration
  • Top 10 Schema Changes
  • Clone Excluded Tables
  • Upgrade History Disposition Totals

Enhanced merge capabilities when resolving differences: Compare to Current, Resolve Conflicts, Resolve Collision, or Show Changes Since Last Pull For most record types, the view-only Compare Versions tool has been replaced by the Merge tool (also called the Diff/Merge tool). Admin users can use the new tool to compare two versions of a record, move changes from the non-current version to the current version to save a merged version or can choose to revert to the non-current version.

Where the new Diff/Merge tool appears

  • Versions (sys_update_version "Versions")
    • UI Action: Compare to Current
    • Left: Selected Version
    • Right: Current Version
  • Upgrade History (sys_upgrade_history_log "System Upgrades")
    • UI Action: Resolve Conflicts
    • Left: Base System
    • Right: Customized
  • Team Dashboard Collisions (sys_sync_history_version "Push and Pull Versions")
    • UI Actions: Compare to Current, Resolve Collision
    • Left: Pulled Version
    • Right: Current Version
  • Team Dashboard Local Changes (sys_sync_change "Local Change")
    • UI Action: Show Changes Since Last Pull
    • Left: Last Pulled Version
    • Right: Current Version